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Professional support

Multilingual support

Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese.

Multiple currency support

RMB (China), Baht (Thailand), Rupiah (Indonesia), Bitcoin, Ringgit (Malaysia), Dong (Vietnam), Won (South Korea), Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Yen (Japan), US Dollar, Rupee (Indian), Pound sterling (United Kingdom), kyat (Myanmar), ruble (Russia).

Multiple front-end docking options

Support calls on Desktop and Mobile web, support the embedding of Mobile web calls in App, support the pre-loading of Mobile call resources in App (an effective solution to problems such as network delays and hijacking).

Product support

Singular access to lists of specific game types, timed switching off of background music. The Desktop version supports App installation assistance and other hidden interface functions, hidden game exit buttons, Support for universal wallet, docking trial runs, and various kinds of detailed data queries.

Game features

Play in different betting halls freely!

With four betting halls available for you to choose from, not only can you try your hand at fishing, but you can also challenge your personal limit.

Cave of the Silken Web (1 to 10 points) / Cave of the Silken Web (1 to 10 points) / Palace of the Dragon King (100 ~ 1000 points) Lingxiao Temple (1000 ~ 10000 points)

Five new weapons for fishing!

As you play, these five weapons with god-like powers might appear in the pond when you least expect it! The weapons include the Ruyi Golden Cudgel, the Homing Nine-Toothed Rake, Demon-Subduing Waves, Boundless Dharma, and the Lightning Ball. Feel the exhilaration of ruling the underwater world!


Knock the world off their feet! Once acquired, the player gains great power. Aim the cannon at your target and shoot. You can make five consecutive shots in the direction of the target.


Automatic homing pursuit! Once acquired, the player gains the ability to go after the targets. The homing feature saves the trouble of aiming before a shot.


A soul-crushing wave! Once acquired, aim the cannon at your target and shoot. The attack consists of a wide attack.


A seismic palm! Once acquired and shot, there will be five continuous waves of attack radiating outwards from the center of the pond, sweeping up huge rewards for you.


Powerful electric chain! Once acquired, a random number of fish will be captured from the pond.

Brand-new system! Endless rewards!

The new Lucky Bag system allows you to collect mighty weapons and grand rewards! Pluck up your courage and challenge the Bull Demon King. Your bravery will be rewarded generously!


Weapon collection! Hitting Lucky Bags gives you the chance to collect three weapons from each bag. Collect five of each type of weapon to receive marvelous rewards!


Huge bonuses, endless surprises! Limited-time bonuses waiting for you in the game! In BG XiYou Fishing, a tiny and rare God of Fortune will appear in the pond from time to time. He will be holding lots of gold ingots, so be sure to grab your share when you see them!


Get it, get rich! When a player hits the chest, he also raises the value of the prize within. All the winnings go to the player who delivers the last hit!


Challenge your limit! The Bull Demon King, the final boss, will appear randomly during the game. Players who challenge this raging bull and triumph will be rewarded up to 10 million points, depending on where his bet is placed. During the attack, players stand to gain gold coins with values ranging from hundreds to tens of millions of points.

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